Hi there!

I am a third year architecture student at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, and I think a lot. I am a proud native of the Grand Canyon State, and my experiences define who I am and directly affect how I approach architecture. I have always felt a deep personal connection with nature, cities, and places. The blog’s name, “Sacred Skylines,” refers to the profound affection I have for both the built and natural environments.

Home means everything to me. I am so lucky to have been afforded exclusive access to some of the most expansive and spectacularly raw landscapes on Earth, many of them virtually right in my backyard. Not a day goes by where I’m not daydreaming of vast Saguaro covered foothills, snowy mountain peaks, or tall sandstone cliffs being set on fire by a setting Southwestern sun. Expect me to write about Arizona. A lot. 

Unfortunately, as it may be, I am a poor college student whose time is almost entirely dedicated to my studies. However, from time to time, I am able to temporarily satisfy my restless desire to travel, be it on my own, with close friends, or through school field trips. Those experiences will be recorded here, through a combination of visual and textual conglomerations.

This blog essentially serves an outlet for me to express my thoughts on various topics usually related to architecture, travel, planning, design, or just about any other topic I feel passionate enough about to write on. This will also primarily be a platform that will allow me to share my ideas and visions for the world around me. 

Welcome and enjoy the ride!