This rendering was done as part of an exploration into a “ecocorridor” that would serve as a primary circulation axis through a campus style educational project. The pedestrian corridor would feature a wooden trellis-like shade structure that would support the growth of ivies and vines while generating shade for pedestrians. The grid pattern is extrapolated to create small nodes where there are benches to rest and relax and further indulge in the sensory experience. The idea is to generate a more comfortable pedestrian experience while restoring lost habitat and natural drainage patterns.

Paralleled by a bioswale and open to views in all directions, the ecocorridor minimizes a typical corridor’s ecological impact. Permeable boardwalk style walking surface allows water to drain quickly and efficiently. This concept would replace the typical notion of an impervious sidewalk that cuts through a development. The ecocorridor would respect natural topographical slopes and curves, which helps control runoff through the preservation of natural drainage patterns. Additionally, it would help maintain and restore natural habitat.

The other major component of the ecocorridor concept is to provide opportunities for education along the entirety of its length. Relevant topics of interest might be habitat loss, reconstruction and restoration of native habitat, the importance of ecological considerations when developing a project, and the components of projects that have successfully integrated ecological ideas. Through ecological thinking, we can work to integrate many of our new developments into the natural world and better harmonize our cities with their environments.



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