San Francisco_01

In January, I had the pleasure of visiting several neighborhoods and buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area with my studio as a class field trip. After many, many years of exploring the city myself on foot with family and friends, this time I had my architecture professor as an acting architecture guide, which was nice because I received another layer of insight on places I had already visited, and learned new things about places I had not. As a studio, we visited WRNS Studio in Mission Bay and IwamotoScott Architecture in Dogpatch, as well as the extraordinary offices of Obscura Digital as a bonus, all of which are doing great work.

I haven’t spent a lot time in SoMa until recently and so having the ability to explore parts of the city that I wasn’t familiar with was a lot of fun. I was able to check in on the progress of projects I have been following since their conception, such as the Transbay Terminal, 181 Fremont, Salesforce Tower, and the new Golden State Warriors arena. I always say this, but exploring San Francisco on foot is the only way to go, and I highly recommenced to everyone who visits to set aside at least one day to simply wander around the city with no itinerary and no schedule. Nothing is more liberating, particularly in a city as dynamic and beautiful as this one.

As with any trip to my favorite city, the time spent in San Francisco was highly rewarding. I am unbelievably excited to have another date with the Bay Area again in a couple weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures from my last trip!

San Francisco

Cathedral of Christ the Light

UC Berkeley


San Francisco_02 is coming in a few weeks after my next trip!







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